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 7 Secrets of Women | Women's Dating Psychology

Today we’re talking about the biggest turn-ons when it comes to women but purely from a psychological perspective the biggest mental turn on for girls. In this blog I’m gonna teach you how to understand a woman better and use it to your own advantage in order to become more attractive more, elegant and more charming.
1.               loyalty/ honesty/ trustworthiness
Tip number one it’s all above the loyalty/ honesty/ trustworthiness.
This is where you’ve got to understand the potential loyalty scale. This is gonna be the most important thing in your life if you want to see more charming and attractive. So, the higher your up on the scale the more attractive you are, the lower you are on the scale the less attractive you are.
Factors like honesty how honest you on your daily life, factors like kindness how kind you are to everyone around you and factors like how calm you are around other people put you up on the scale but if you lie a lot, if you manipulate people a lot, if you get angry easily and especially if you’re rude the people around you that put lower on the scale. Women observe all these factors. So, if they around you they’ll observe how you’re behaving with other people are you making fun of other people? how kind to other people? are you trying to manipulate other people? are you being honest with other people? based on these factors they’ll place you on that scale and the higher your placement on the scale the more attractive you’ll see. That’s exactly why women enjoy being around a man who likes babies and puppies. If you’re a nice guy everyone gravitates towards you.
Especially the women but after knowing this fact of life you also need to remember not to manipulate people. Genuinely try being nice in your life, genuinely try being honest in your life because women are very intuitive. They’re very sharp and they can support all the guy who’s trying to put on a facade who’s trying to be fake in front of them. So, for the sake of both your love life and your professional life just be a good guy it’ll take you really far.
2.                Balanced Ambition in Life
Tip number two balanced ambition in life.
The one thing women love in a man is ambition. If you’ve got really big goals, if you want to make a lot of money, if you want to get really famous women love that trade. Women love seeing driving a guy but one thing women don’t love is obsession when it comes to your work. Don’t be that guy who only speaks about work all the time.  Only speaks about office all the time, only speaks about his goals all the time. Learn to switch off once in a while that’s what women love and that’s why it’s not just about the ambition it’s about the balanced ambition. Balance out your drive and your passion with other chilled, learn to talk about things other than just your work, talk about travel talk about books, philosophy, history, food etc. women love a guy who can balance out his drive in his work life with hobbies that are not so serious. Chilled hobbies that make her chilled as well just remember to be a good conversationalist and you’re only gonna be a good conversationalist if you can talk about something other than your own work, other than your own job other than your own life.
3.                Sense of Humor
Tip number three you hear this a lot but I’m gonna break it down for you today and I’m gonna make this game easier for you. A woman loves a guy with a great sense of humor. If you can make her laugh she’s gonna love you but firstly you’ve gotta understand why does this happen? why does a woman love a guy with a great sense of humor?  Two reasons, the first reason is that whenever a woman laughs the good hormones inside her are slightly raised and those good hormones inside her signal to her brain that you know what this guy is associated with good times and good vibes but the second reason is that laughing is associated with comfort. more than laughing she just wants to feel comfortable around you. If she can be comfortable around you if she can let loose that means she’s also gonna be attracted to you. So, for you the game is to not really make her laugh all the time. You’re not a stand-up comedian. You don’t need to crack jokes constantly but you’ve got to make her feel comfortable.
 So the quick trick is that you don’t think of that time that you’re around your closest guy friends even the most boring guy around his closest guy friends becomes entertaining. He lets lose all those jokes that are rising within him he spits them out but in front of a pretty girl you can’t actually let those jokes out because you constantly think about oh my god what is this girl think of me? what does she think of my jokes? don’t do that that’s playing against yourself.
So make it a girl comfortable. If a joke is rising up within you let it out think that she’s your best friend and let out your honest thoughts your honest jokes. Remember a girl is trying to see the most raw most honest form of your brain put that out on the table. If she doesn’t enjoy being around you that’s okay there’s a lot of girls out there you might eventually find someone who enjoys your sense of humor but the core aspect of this is comfort laughs and honesty.
4.                Being A First Mover
Tip number four being a first mover. Okay now one thing that women find very attractive in a guy is confidence but why do they find confidence attractive? Because having confidence signals that you’ve overcome your own self-doubt, your own fear and gone and executed on a certain task. For example when you go up and talk to a girl when you make the first move, when you text her first the girl knows that okay he’s confident in himself and he’s taken that decision he’s made this decision and texted me first or come and spoken to me first. That’s what women find very attractive. Decision-making one more aspect of this first move. A point that I’m speaking about is something you’ll understand later in life (or some of you know) when you start dating a lady you’ll understand that women think very differently from men. Men work based on instruction you tell us to do something we’ll do it, you tell us would not do something we won’t do it women work on intuition and guessing so she might signal things to you but she may not express her desire. She may not tell you exactly what she wants and you have to guess things based on the signals that she’s giving you that’s where being a first mover and being a strong decision maker comes in a play.
If you guys can’t decide where to go and have dinner you make that decision if she ever needs help with something like say technology go and help her fix that problem. If you follow your natural instinct as a guy and you’re a problem solver and a decision maker she’ll really enjoy seeing that in you but at the same time don’t do any mansplaining. That’s basically when you try explaining things to her because you think that she hasn’t got it a lot of women get extremely turned off by mansplaining. So being a balanced first mover once again remember boys it’s all about balance.
How to be more confident?
5.               Having A Childlike Enthusiasm and Openness
Next step very simple having a childlike enthusiasm and openness. You’ve got to remember that if you actually get into a relationship with a lady you’re never gonna agree on everything all the boxes are never gonna be thick. You guys are gonna have a difference of opinions so when a girl is figuring out whether or not she finds you attractive that’s something she looks out for are you open to someone else’s opinions? can you agree to disagree with hope? if she tells you an opinion do you have the ability in you to process that opinion? and maybe change your mind a little bit.
 If you have that ability that’s something she finds very attractive but it’s not just about openness to opinions it’s also about openness to new experiences. Especially if there’s something that she knows you don’t enjoy like say, going for a movie she enjoys going for a movie you don’t enjoy going for a movie but you still take that extra step and do it for her. She’s gonna love you. So once in a while get out of your own comfort zone.
Don’t keep your ego in the way and just do things for her with an open heart that’s what you’ve got to remember.
6.     Learn Cooking
okay boys the next step is also a huge life hack if you want to see ten times sexier to every single woman out there just remember this one life rule. Learn how to cook? learn cooking trust me remember that scale I spoke about that potential loyalty scale. If you cook that puts you on that hundred level on that scale that’s how big a deal cooking is. There’s nothing sexier than a man who cooks a guy who can cook is associated with care kindness and being able to take care of kids. Another aspect that women instinctively find very attractive boys learning how to cook is. Really not very difficult you need to know how to make something more than Maggi but you don’t really need to know how to make five-star food or something like that. So, if you really want to know how to cook remember there are some beginners cooking tutorials on YouTube go and check them out.  But see guys if you learn this skill your sexiness level is going to go from here to Boise.
7.                Mental Etiquette
The final tip of the day is mental etiquette. Other manners that you learn in order to be more attractive especially in certain situations where someone else requires some kind of help.
 So physical etiquette is where you’re putting someone else’s comfort ahead of your comfort. mental etiquette is where putting someone else’s happiness ahead of your own happiness known to be that boyfriend or that guy who’s encouraging, who’s kind, who helps sort out a problem if she needs help that’s another aspect that women find very very attractive once again that just boils down to being a good person and being someone who’s kind and helpful three most important traits in life.
 See you in the next one….!

A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. 
-Gloria Stuart

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