A Fine Vintage The 1941 BSA M20

I think it’s important to preserve and curate one’s history and heritage Because it gives some kind of a reference point to future generations to start building their own stories.

In the BSA M20 A 500 cc single-cylinder side valve four-stroke engine. That put out 13 bhp Which was considered quite a lot back in the day. The BSA M20 was considered one of the longest serving motorcycles in the history of British military motorcycling Which had about a 126 thousand in active service across all theatres of war during World War Two. Post the war these bikes found themselves lying in collectors’ garages or in junkyards catching rust and dust. Till some passionate bikers found these bikes and restored them back to their original glory.
 This is a story of two Magnificent Motorcycle Men And their journey towards restoring a piece of motorcycling history Kailash Chand Sharma and  Adhiraj Singh Khatipura from Rajasthan, India 
The bike standing right now it is known as the BSA 500cc. This is the 1942 model. A lot of people know it by its short name The M20.

Earlier these bikes would be sold at army auctions. That’s how people could get them. They stopped importing this bike in 1957 Prior to that you could import the bike to complete the restoration of Adhiraj’s fathers’ bike. Took a whole year and all the parts fitted into the engine Were all imported. Only used parts made in England. What I like most about the BSA M20 is the 3-gallon fuel tank for long range.

The Smith speedometer, the Jaegar ampere meter. The headlight comes in two different variants. One was used as blackout Which was helpful during wartime and the civilian one came with a Lucas beam.

A Fine Vintage The 1941 BSA M20

Coming to the suspension it is a girder type fully adjustable suspension which could be set for road or off-road use.

It’s got an air filter box Which was made for the desert specifically It goes on top of the tank. So, your air intake is much cleaner when you’re riding it. My favourite vintage bike is the BSA 500 M20 the reason for it is the powerful engine and sound. 

A Fine Vintage The 1941 BSA M20

It’s so unique because Even at a speed of 5 -10 it can run on a single stroke or two because each stroke is very long  you can call it a 5 horsepower or a 500cc.Both are correct because back in the day a vehicle’s power would be compared to that of a horse.
When I am prepping a bike what I’m thinking of Is how a doctor would treat his patient?
That is how I treat my bikes after I finish working on a bike when I see it running on the road or when the owners come back and ride it.
It gives great joy that a dead vehicle brought back to the life. The vintage era has made a comeback and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go anytime soon because the current generation is more aware that these vehicle’s have to be carefully maintained for a long time.
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Remember the success of our future lies in the preservation of our past.
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