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The idea of romance to me is a very fulfilling experience You know, you could be in love with a bike, you could be in love with a woman, you could be in love with a place as long as it does something for your soul. Then you know You’re a very fortunate person to be in love with Whatever it is you’re in love with.
Vijay Singh runs Rajputana Custom Motorcycles. It is a workshop we established about eight years back. We build and restore old motorcycles. Rajputana Custom Motorcycles started building bikes because Vijay Singh wanted a bike for myself in 2010 and there was nothing really exciting in the market at that point. So, Vijay Singh went ahead and asked Royal Enfield for an engine and we went about building a bike around that engine. It took us about four months to do. But the first time we saw it ready That was the time Vijay Singh knew That bike building was something that he really enjoys doing.
The bike that is used as a donor machine. Determines what kind of project we do but at the end of the day you have to cater to the client’s needs and to his tastes and you have to detail it according to him. So, we start with a reference image and we go working from there. Sometimes the whole bike has to be customized, sometimes only half of it has to be done. So, all our projects are different. They are varying in complexity.

Rajputana Custom Motorcycles have a team of about 18 guys. The one thing that they all share in common is a love for motorcycles and a drive to get better at what they do Whether it’s riding a bike or customizing one, restoring one, building one from scratch. They are just cultivating our being essentially around motorcycles.
The name ‘Jordaar’ essentially means that it’s an outstanding machine. That it’s definitely extraordinary and that’s how they built that bike from scratch and it’s pretty spectacular to look at, so they called it Jordaar from ideation to inception, Jordaar took us about six months to finish completely and two months to paint, detail and test ride
For starters, Jordaar was a bike built from scratch Like Vijay said, it was a Harley 883 engine and they went about building the whole frame from scratch. Did a unique linkage suspension for the front
and it also has these small details that are very unique and independent to this motorcycle itself.

For example, they have Damascus levers and other small parts made in Damascus. Now Damascus steel is two types of steel which are heated and beaten together. So, went about making our levers and our air filter mounds and just a few other covers for our nuts and bolts Made in Damascus with more Koftgari work done on them for detailing. So, they’ve got Damascus parts, with Koftgari Silver inlay Upholstery work Nice metallic paint job on this stretched out bike

So, a simple paint job, basic detailing and good stance and proportions you know, when it all comes together It really adds to the whole picture and I’m very happy with that bike one thing’s for sure riding Jordaar, being a hardtail. If you have bumpy roads it’s going to give you a hard ride. But other than that, If you’ve got a nice slick smooth highway se really feels like a long stretched out Hot-rod almost you know like it has a very gnarly, big boss, bad guy kind of feel and it’s just a really badass bike to ride so it’s super fun.
Bikes can really move you If you push them hard enough It’s almost like jamming a guitar or doing something which thrills you and totally takes over your senses. Motorcycling to me is so much more than just a macho aspect. I guess the machismo comes from self-confidence which you derive from riding that machine because she gives you that freedom, because she puts you in touch with yourself. That when you get off a bike you get off confident
Nowadays a lot of people are trying to buy into this culture. That, I feel, isn’t the real true nature of being a biker. A biker is an individualist. He would rather be on his own than be a part of a group. Now, unfortunately you have a large contingent of chaps who call themselves bikers. But I think they aren’t, in the truest sense.
Vijay Singh’s passion for biking is very infectious It’s got me wanting my very own custombuilt motorcycle. I’m thinking more on the lines of a badass scrambler
Now till I figure out How I’m gonna make the money for that motorcycle
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