Top Life Pro Tips That Will Simplify Your Life, One Hack At A Time

Top Life Pro Tips That Will Simplify Your Life, One Hack At A Time | People on Reddit shared some such LifeProTips that they learned from Reddit and are still using them.

  1. If you are going to criticize something, offer a solution afterward. Especially in professional settings, this is often the difference between people being perceived as negative or contributing.
  2. In order to turn off those annoying ‘trending posts’ notifications from your Reddit app, navigate to Reddit app, choose Settings option at the bottom followed by Notifications. Now, scroll down to turn off Trending posts by pressing the toggle button next to Trending posts.
  3. When someone you know is going through a difficult time/situation, do not blab about it. Many people want privacy during these times and do not want everyone and their neighbors knowing about their situation.
  4. Treat silence like a word, not a space to jump in with what you have to say. It’ll make your conversation go more comfortably, and shows you respect and are listening to the speaker.

    Gandhi said “speak only when it improves upon the silence”

  5. If your friend or a family member owns a business, don’t ask for a friend discount, family discount or for some free products, a great friend is one that pays full price to support their friend or a family.
  6. If you actually want to attach with someone, take them for a long, scenic walk. Not being face to face takes some of the pressure off, and also the scenery puts you in the right mood to open up.
  7. Enjoy doing things by yourself, and you’ll find people who like to do them too.
  8. Learn to do — and enjoy — things by yourself. You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun if you keep waiting for someone else to accompany you.
  9. If somebody does not appreciate something you are doing for them, it most likely means it is not that important to them. instead of stewing about it or demand recognition, simply add it to the list of things you do not need to do anymore.
  10. If you make a mistake, admit to it, apologize, and explain to them what steps you’ll take to prevent it from happening again in the future.
  11. It’s extremely hard for people to yell at you if you have done that. An argument is when you are trying to determine WHO is right, a conversation is when you are trying to determine WHAT is right.
  12. If you’re unhappy, make a change. Cut or change an extracurricular, start hanging out with different people, break up with that person. Just don’t make changes indiscriminately — try to find the root of your dissatisfaction and fix that.
  13. Instead of saying “I assumed” say “I was under the impression” it legitimately works wonders.
  14. If someone doesn’t understand something and asks for help, don’t start your explanation with “It’s really simple/easy“. It isn’t really simple or easy for them, and you just made them feel stupid.
  15. If your friend suddenly starts acting shady or distant from you for no apparent reason check upon them to make sure they’re ok. Generally, people need people to check up on them but don’t want to seem needy.