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Motorcycles Myths and Facts every one should know

Motorcycles Myths and Facts every one should know

Here are some Motorcycles Myths And Facts everyone should know

Motorcycles Myths and Facts:

Myth No 1:

  • Anyone can add or modify parts on your motorcycle 

Fact: Any person working on your motorcycle should be a certified motorcycle mechanic.

 Myth No 2

  • When it rains, you don’t have to slow downFact: You should always slow down and turn on your hazard lights so that you can be seen by other drivers. You must also stay away from the center on the highway, as vehicle oils accumulate in the center when it rains.

Myth No 3:

  • If you see a biker with a logo on his/her vest – they are a member of a gangFactThey could be a member of a motorcycle club, or the logo could be a design symbol such as Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, a zodiac symbol, or something else.  

Myth No 4:

  • One alcoholic drink won’t hurt you FactIf you are operating a motorcycle – one drink can distort your perception of distance regarding oncoming vehicles and vehicles traveling in front of you; it will decrease your response capabilities and make you believe you have excellent biker skills.  

Myth No 5:

  • You can’t go to sleep on a moving motorcycle.
    FactIf you are physically or mentally tired – you should never mount a motorcycle. You can fall asleep on a motorcycle the same way you do when driving a vehicle. 

Myth No 6:

  • When exiting from paved roads to grass or gravel roadways on a motorcycle, your riding style do not change. 

FactGrassy areas and gravel roadways are slippery and can result in you losing control of your motorcycle. You should learn to power-walk your bike which means to actually put both feet down on the ground, and slowing walk your bike while slightly turning the throttle – giving it a little gas to make it easy to roll. 

Myth No 7:

  • If you ride a motorcycle – you can ride with another motorcycle rider. 
    FactYou should never ride with another motorcycle rider or group of riders without knowing their riding skill levels. You should ride your own rider; based on your own riding skills and experiences. 

Meaning: No racing to keep up with another rider or group of riders. These are some of the Motorcycles Myths And Facts.

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Source: Reddit.com


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