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Here are some quotes on the most popular bike in India “YAMAHA RX100” aka “The undisputed king of the Indian streets“.


Ahead Of The 100’s


RX100 Bike Status
“Yamaha RX100 Ahead Of The 100’s
Only 80s & 90s People can understand the importance of Yamaha Rx100!
Rx100 isn’t made for Boys, It is only made for the Real Man!
Today’s Bike May Ride Body & Soul But Rx100 Rides my Golden Memories!
If people think Rx100 is a bad Bike, Well you know my friends It is the dad Bike!
Yamaha Rx100 Isn’t for Royalty, It is made for Loyalty! 
100 from Rx100 isn’t for CC, It is for 100 Year!
Dear boys, If you think Rx100 is Bad, Well I would suggest you, ask your Dad!
YAMAHA Rx 100= You Are MY Alive Hot Angle Rx100!
For Bad guys, Rx100 may be an Old Bike, But for some Mad guys, Rx100 is the Gold Bike!
Rx100 Gives Great Mileage, And Runs Until Mile Age!
The sound of Rx100 will always remind you of the old culture of India!
Modern boys don’t know, which bike was the most famous & the Rarest!
I swear Rx100 is so Rare!
Rx100 may be Cheap, But the memories with Rx100 are so Expensive!
When you ride on Rx100, You’ll feel like you are riding on a Tiger of the Jungle!
Rx100 Isn’t a Dead Bike, It is the Dad of all Bikes!
Ask your Dad, Which bike was the most famous of his Age!
When there were no bikes, there was Yamaha Rx100!
Rx100 isn’t a Bike, It is the most Glorious Motorcycle!
A man will drive Rx100 to recall his young age Golden Memories!

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