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TVS Raider 125 – A Perfect Daily Commuter Bike

TVS Raider 125:

TVS Motors is back with its improved sales growth up to 15% in August 2022. Domestic sales include scooters and motorcycles, with a sales growth ratio of up to 33%. The balance maintained between the supply and demand chain has been a prime cause to register improved sales.

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TVS Raider 125

Investment in the bike has been a great decision for years; therefore, taking time is key to review and exploring as many of them. Check for Raider 125 to have a heavy-duty performance and featured-rich motorcycle on budget as expected. What makes it a great choice? Let’s get you some reasons below that makes this model one of the craziest bike in 2022 to drive.

TVS Raider 125: A Crazy Segment To Experience Thrill Driving In 2022:

TVS Raider is a powerful and novice bike you must check upon. It’s an excellent motorcycle with precise features and performance.  Check all the specifications and features of TVS Raider 125 at Droom to make a better buying decision. Read more to check if this TVS segment is truly a great bike to give your breathtaking riding experience.

1. Engine Installation and Performance: Raider comes with a 125 cc engine that ensures the safest and comfiest ride for hours. The motorcycle produces a maximum power of 11.2 Bhp @ 7,500 Rpm and a maximum torque of 11.2 Nm @ 6,000 Rpm. The engine type in the bike is three-valved air-cooled, which makes driving seamless.

2. Average Mileage: Raider 125 is a fuel economy motorcycle that delivers the average mileage between 60 KMPL to 65 KMPl. The in-built fuel injection supply system and 10-liter tank capacity make the bike worth the investment with high mileage when fuel pricing frequently fluctuates.

3. Low Maintenance and Services: TVS has engineered the bike well enough with highly durable components. It’s a low-maintenance motorcycle couple of a year warranty, including mechanical spares like a gearbox, engine, CDI unit, ignition coil, etc.

4. Design: The bike looks amazing; the well-finished exterior and reliable mechanism make Raider 125 a great pick. The sharp fuel tank, LED lights, tail lights, and halogen indicators make the motorcycle worth elegant and decent. The perfect dimension comes with 2,070 Mm length, 785 Mm width, and 1,028 Mm height, letting you drive easily. It weighs about 123 kg with a 2-seater capacity, making the drive convenient and comfortable.

5. Features: Raider is a featured rich motorcycle from TVS that can make you experience great driveability. If you are exploring TVS Raider 125 Specifications, count as many as you can. It comes with three tripmeters, a digital speedometer, and an odometer. The drum braking system, manual transmission, power ride modes, speed recorder, gear shift indicator, helmet reminder, Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port, 5-speed manual gearbox, etc, rock its overall performance. It is even installed with Monoshock, 5 Step Adj, Gas Charged (rear suspension), and telescopic (front suspension).

6. Cost: Buying a Raider can be an investment to make you feel great with potential performance. TVS Raider 125 Price starts onwards 84.57k and ranges with its available variants. The bike comes with 2 years warranty, allowing low maintenance and great mechanism. Raider 125 Drum costs 84.57 K, and Disc Raider 125 Price is 89.09k.

7. Available Variants: Raider 125 comes within 2 varients which differentiate within its cost, features, and performance. Its two variants are TVS Raider 125 Drum and TVS Raider 125 Disc. It is also available in 4 different colors such as Wicked Black, Striking Red, Blazing Blue, Fiery, and Yellow. This ensures bike buyers have desired choice to pick their favorite color.

8. Add On Benefits: Purchase Raider 125 and enjoy the ride with great mechanism and ideal engineering. Its high-performance abilities and excellent features make it a popular TVS segment to consider buying in 2022. The motorcycle is a value-for-money segment from TVS built to last and has high-end components. TVS is a promising bike brand that prioritizes riders’ safety and comfort.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to a truly unique motorcycle at a reasonable rate with high performance, TVS Raider 125 is amazing. The best quality components and high-tech features of the motorbike make it excellent for driving for hours and seamless.

Get a great riding experience with this TVS segment that offers great comfort and convenience and even makes it safe for racing. Thankfully you can explore Raider 125 on Droom and check how incredibly performance-oriented and heavily performing the bike is.

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