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Background info about the Workshop

TOMA is a Brussels-based custom workshop. We transform, customize and hand finish motorcycles to create unique and personalized machines.
Our artistic approach strives to extract the best potential of each bike and match the vision of their future owner’s. We aim to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines, with a clean and efficient style.
Our work mainly focuses on the tracker, scrambler, and bratstyle projects.
Customizing goes hand in hand with transforming to us. We do not only modify bikes we give them a new life, a new look.
We always work starting with an older, existing base and then begin adding new parts (tanks, wheels, handlebars, lights). Given the complexity of certain projects, we often create and adapt some of these parts ourselves, especially when they’re metal.
Before we even get going, we spend a lot of time with the future-owners to see where they come from, what their interests are, where and how they grew up, their tastes, what they’ve been doing in life etc. All these elements, along with a ton of aesthetic and artistic research, allow us to create the motorcycle of their dreams.

About the Owner

I’m the owner of TOMA CUSTOMS, my name is Thomas Jeukens.

One and a half year ago, I decided to leave my job as Strategy Manager for a big consulting firm to open TOMA CUSTOMS and fully live from my passion, transforming and customizing motorcycles.

Mixing mental and manual activities generates a level of freedom and satisfaction that I’d never experienced before.

Working as a manager at a big consulting company enriched me personally and professionally, while it also made me grow and evolve as a person. Yet, I felt it was time for me to achieve one of my dreams and to fully live my passion: combining my intellectual abilities with creativity and manual work. That’s why I decided to turn my passion into my job.  

About the project: BMW K1100 BY TOMA CUSTOMS

This custom project based on a BMW K1100 is a special bike made in collaboration with Jean-Michel Martin, Belgian racing driver.

When we start a project we first want to hear about the clients’ wishes and transformation ideas. Thus, it is a great opportunity for us to get to know our client and enables us to visualize what his dream bike would look like. In this particular case, as Jean-Michel is also an official BMW dealer, the scope of the project was limited to a BMW donor bike, which are bikes we love to transform at our workshop.

After a few meetings with Jean-Michel, thinking and sharing ideas, we came with a proposition to use the K1100 model as the base for the project. Jean-Michel wanted a bike that is reliable, with a strong personality and with a retro touch. The K1100 was the perfect base for this project.

When the donor bike arrived at the workshop, we first dismantled it and removed any original accessories that were superfluous in order to analyses the general line we wanted to give to the bike.

 We decided to keep the original tank and rather align/shorten the rear part of the frame. So, we cut and welded a shorter frame loop and replaced the original huge saddle by a custom seat base that we then sewed by our workshop. The finish and covering of the saddle is in Alcantara leather. Replacing the handlebar and changing the tires also helped work on the line of the bike.

All electronic components have been replaced by new and more minimalist elements (led indicator lights, led taillights, Daytona speedometer, battery) to make the motorcycle look more modern. List of modification also includes the build of a battery box and the modification of the muffler. In the front, we removed the fairing and replaced it with a more aesthetic headlight and an original yellow side light to give it a nice retro touch. The grey color of the bike is inspired by modern BMW M Performance.

BMW K1100 by Toma Cutoms Gallery

List of modifications

  • –        modification/ shortening of the rear part of the frame
  • –        reworked the exhaust line
  • –        custom plate holder
  • –        new headlight and yellow side light
  • –        a new set of led indicator lights
  • –        new handlebars
  • –        bespoke seat with Alcantara leather
  • –        bespoke battery box under the seat
  • –        Daytona speedometer
  • –        removed a lot of original accessories that were superfluous


–        Workshop: TOMA CUSTOMS

–        Location: Brussels, Belgium

–        Website: www.tomacustoms.com

–        Instagram: @tomacustoms

–        Facebook: toma customs

–        Other:   +32 479351638

–        Owner of the bike: Jean-Michel

–        Owner of TOMA CUSTOMS: Thomas Jeukens

–        Picture: Olivier Truyman

–        Contact: Thomas Jeukens, Workshop leader, +32 479351638, [email protected]

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