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Difference between Scrambler and Tracker Motorcycle


What is the difference between Scrambler and Tracker?

Buying a motorcycle means knowing everything about your daily routine, your needs, your budget, and the qualities you are looking for in a motorcycle. Buying a vehicle is a big investment so you cannot just think about winging the process, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the process so you can save your time and money as well. In most cases, people see a motorcycle and like its style, or if it’s within their budget, they make the purchase right away. The basic idea is that you need to know the weather conditions as well as the riding conditions in your area and the purpose of your purchase. For every purchase purpose, you will notice that there is indeed an option. 

This option will help you make the most out of your investment. A simple example is that people who live near mountain-based areas need to invest in a motorcycle that is good at off-roading. On the contrary, if you want something that you can use for everyday commute, your focus needs to be on a motorcycle that offers better mileage.

What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Motorcycle?

Most people get confused because they don’t know what makes a motorcycle ideal for purchase. Before you know what you need to know about the motorcycle it is very important to know what you need to know about your needs and requirements. If you want to invest in a stylish ride you might just get the best motorcycle according to the looks. 

However, the motorcycle is not just about looks, you also need to keep in mind that comfort will play a very important role along with the mileage. Most people just want to get a motorcycle because they no longer want to waste money on petrol and a motorcycle is a good way of reducing the daily petrol cost.

With the help of this article, we will look at the main difference between Scrambler and Tracker Motorcycle. This will help the beginner who is thinking of buying a motorcycle know if they should invest in a Scrambler motorcycle or Tracker Motorcycle.


Everything You Need To Know About Scrambler Motorcycle

Scrambler motorcycle is skeptically designed for off-road use. If you live in rural areas where there are challenging and rocky pathways, this will be ideal for you. The basic idea of a scrambler came when a commentator explained that they need to have a motorcycle that could work effectively across different terrains. The first-ever scrambler was used for the street biking experience. Since then the scrambler has been popular among British and Japanese biking companies. Even if you look at some of the best scramblers, you will be able to trace them back to these origins. Most people think that the scrambler is almost the same as the tracker however they are pretty different.

Scramblers are basically street bikes and they are modified to be much more fuel-efficient while riding off-road. One of the basic issues that you will face is that with the normal motorcycle you will struggle with the off-roading based on the fuel, power required, and cutting the difficult terrains and patterns. 

With scramblers you will see that the features include better suspension which means that even when you are riding on the different, rocky, and uneven terrains you will not be exerting so much energy instead, your motorcycle will offer you good enough power to ride easily. The suspension is much better and there is better ground clearance. The tires are better offering better suspension and traction as well. Continental TKC80 is a very good example of a good scrambler.

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The best thing about scrambler is that it has very comfortable seating so you can ride it wherever you want without thinking about long journeys. Apart from seating, the handlebars are set at a height that complements the shoulder and posture of your body so you can ride your motorcycle for a long journey. The style is pretty similar to the dirt bike style. You will also notice that there is a high-mounted exhaust with more clearance when riding the urban or rocky roads.

Everything You Need To Know About Tracker-Style Motorcycle

Contrary to a scrambler style that is ideal for an off-road experience, the tracker is perfect for carpeted roads so you can easily ride it on urban fully carpeted roads. The name tracker-style was influenced by the flat tracks where motorcycles usually race. In short, a scrambler is perfect for rocky off-road experiences whereas, the tracker is ideal for racing or urban smooth roads. Since the tracker is ideal for flat, smooth roads, you will also be able to enjoy better speed. Tracker motorcycles go much faster and have no extra styling like a scrambler.

The tracker also has very knobby tires offering better shock absorption and they are not aggressive. If you look at the tracker externally, you will see better bodywork. Usually, it is just a one-piece seat with a completely different front section. The style is overall race-inspired so it has a very streamlined look. It has better suspension so that riders can easily enjoy lean and hard cornering. The handlebars are closer to the body so you can enjoy better speed without extending your arms. Although there are very few street-style trackers, you will be able to find some of the best trackers if you research the variety.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the motorcycle is not just about looking good while riding the motorcycle. It is much more than style. In fact, the way you ride a motorcycle, how much money you want to spend on your daily commute along with how much maintenance money you want to invest is also very important. People who live in rural areas of places where there are no carpeted roads need to invest in a scrambler motorcycle. Scrambler is very good for Rocky and challenging roads because it offers better traction. On the contrary, if you live in urban areas where there are flat and smooth, well-carpeted roads you need to get a tracker-style motorcycle. This will help you travel daily to your workplace without thinking about the mileage.


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