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Yamaha XS1100 Café Racer by VMH.LT crew members

Yamaha XS1100 Café Racer by VMH.LT
Yamaha XS1100 Café Racer by VMH.LT crew members

Yamaha XS1100 (also called XS Eleven or XS11)
, When it was introduced in 1978, the XS1100 was the largest, most powerful Japanese superbike on the market, with a 95-hp air-cooled four and shaft-drive. Yamaha’s first four-cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle.
Well-known moto-journalist Roland Brown has said of the XS1100:
“The Yamaha’s lack of reputation gives it one advantage these days, though, in that a clean XS such as this one costs less than its more successful contemporary rivals…Two decades and more after its launch, maybe the XS1100’s time has finally come.”
This spectacular creation comes from Vilnius Motor House, based in Lietuva Vilnius. Owner Daris bought this ’79 XS1100 on an auction and started customizing the bike. Daris had no clear building plan, he just “wanted to create a café racer of it”.
Daris took the whole bike apart and used a wide range of aftermarket products and parts of other projects. The complete front end is from a ’05 GSXR 1000.
Yamaha XS 1100 1979, one spectacular bike they have ever built. It took them more than a year to complete it. And now they proudly present the one and only Yamaha XS 1100 1979 by VMH.LT crew members.
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